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Are you looking for a water treatment solution that will save money and provide reliable service? We’re Friots Water Treatment Co., a premiere water treatment provider for over 50 years! Our team of water experts takes the time to understand the chemistry behind each unique situation and develop a cost-effective solution that guarantees reliability.

We provide our customers with solutions to their water quality issues; we regard selling equipment as a consequence of that rather than the priority. We understand that buying newer equipment may not always be necessary, so we educate our customers about the pros and cons between the cost and reliability of existing equipment.

You may be surprised to learn that water quality in private wells can widely vary even when they are close together. We’ll assess your water’s underlying chemistry before coming up with the most fitting solution. This process requires a bit of time, but it is necessary for providing the best results.

Our Full Range of Services

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Water Softeners

Enjoy less soap for washing, softer and more manageable hair, and no unwanted streaks on dishes and glasses.

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water testing services

Water Analysis

Our standard water testing and analysis include assessments of water hardness, total dissolved solids, and chlorine levels.

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arsenic removal

Arsenic Removal

Friots has a long history and deep experience with cost-effective ways for arsenic abatement.

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Reverse Osmosis

Get pure, clean water for drinking and cooking with our reverse osmosis systems.

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radon removal

Radon Removal

We understand the dangers of radon gas and getting it removed from your house.

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Pressure Tank install

Well Pressure Tanks

Ensure consistent water pressure and efficient well operation with our professional well pressure tank replacement.

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Are you trying to find a water treatment system that will work well and save money? Friots is the only place to go! With more than 50 years of expertise, we take the time to comprehend the chemistry of your water system at its core and provide dependable, affordable solutions.