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Solving Water Problems Since 1971

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Common Water Problems
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Friot's Water Treatment

101 Park Street

Ayer, MA 01432


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About Us

Friot's has been improving the quality of residential water in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire since 1971.  We customize solutions to improve even the most problematic water conditions and meet the most stringent customer requirements.

Our Philosophy

We are in business to help our customers solve their water quality problems - we believe that selling equipment is incidental to that mission, rather than the mission itself.  Replacing older equipment is often not necessary, and we help our customers understand the trade-offs between cost and reliability.  To a surprising extent, water quality varies between private wells, even wells in close proximity to one another.  We take the time required to understand the underlying chemistry and specific requirements to arrive at the best solution for each customer.

Retail Store Hours:

Friday: 9-5

Saturday: 9-12

Rest of the week?

Call ahead - we are usually around.

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