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With 50 years of expertise, we offer testing and customized solutions to ensure you have clean, high-quality water.

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Solving Water Problems Since 1971

For over 50 years, Friots Water Treatment Co. has been improving residential water quality in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

We are in business to help our customers solve their water quality problems – we believe that selling equipment is incidental to that mission, rather than the mission itself. Replacing older equipment is often not necessary, and we help our customers understand the trade-offs between cost and reliability. To a surprising extent, water quality varies between private wells, even wells in close proximity to one another. We take the time required to understand the underlying chemistry and specific requirements to arrive at the best solution for each customer.

Our Full Range of Services

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Water Softeners

Enjoy less soap for washing, softer and more manageable hair, and no unwanted streaks on dishes and glasses.

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water testing services

Water Analysis

Our standard water testing and analysis include assessments of water hardness, total dissolved solids, and chlorine levels.

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arsenic removal

Arsenic Removal

Friots has a long history and deep experience with cost-effective ways for arsenic abatement.

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Reverse Osmosis

Get pure, clean water for drinking and cooking with our reverse osmosis systems.

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radon removal

Radon Removal

We understand the dangers of radon gas and getting it removed from your house.

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Pressure Tank install

Well Pressure Tanks

Ensure consistent water pressure and efficient well operation with our professional well pressure tank replacement.

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Why Should I Call Friots Water Treatment Co.?

As a locally owned company, we take pride in our exceptional customer service and the ability to provide personalized solutions for each customer.

  • Free remote consultations
  • Top-quality Workmanship
  • Customer-Oriented
  • Highly Experienced
  • Residential and commercial

What Our Clients are Saying



Friot’s Water Treatment did an excellent job! They are very knowledgeable and professional. They installed a water softener and reverse osmosis in our house and we love it. I would highly recommend them if you have any water filtration needs.



Steven Duval

These guys are great. Visited the store and Eli explained how the water softener functions. Very knowledgeable. They came out to service my 20 year old softener and fixed it within minutes. Very happy.



Michael Alves

What a great experience! Dan, Eli and I think Kiernan (if I spelled it wrong, please let me know and I’ll update this review), were fantastic. Dan was patient, a good teacher and a relationship oriented business owner. I never felt rushed or pushed. If he didn’t know he’d say so. If he thought he could find out an answer he’d look it up and get back to me.
We did the soft water and the reverse osmosis. Our water tastes pure making coffee, tea and plain old water fantastic. Our ice cubes are clear vs. cloudy. We love showing off our water when we serve our guests. Our skin feels silky and smooth when we bathe or wash our hands. We have more peace of mind that our plumbing will last longer too and not build up corrosion based on the simple fact that our toilets, faucets, showers and hardware look so much better.
The process was super simple. A few hours. Eli and Kiernan were neat, quiet and fast. The organized the installation to take up the least amount of space and be super efficient and tight with where they installed the equipment.
It really was a great experience and my family is so glad we did it. And I guess we’re not the only one’s who were fans as 3 other neighbors went to Friot’s too.
Thank you Dan, Eli and Kiernan.
Gratefully yours,



Alexander Woodle

I had a Friot water softener system installed in my home in 1987, because of mineral deposits staining clothing, pipes, sinks and toilets. Other than replacing the salt used to keep the system running I have only had two minor repair calls. This product has served our family very well for 30 years.
The Friot’s are pleasant to work with, professional and respond quickly to any service call you may have. In this day and age, it is wonderful to find such professional and competent service.



Bob McCullough

Great company, and Paul is a great person. I bought a home in which the previous owners had already been using his service, so I decided to keep him. Not only was his service excellent, but he gave me numerous excellent referrals for other local trades people.



Jennifer Jones

We are grateful for the service we’ve received from Friot’s. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and professional.


This Is What Sets Us Apart

The Areas We Serve

Ashby, MA

Ayer, MA

Concord, MA

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Harvard, MA

Lancaster, MA

Pepperell, MA

Shirley, MA

Sudbury, MA

Townsend, MA

Wayland, MA

Westminster, MA

Reach Out to Us With Your Water Questions

Are you trying to find a water treatment system that will work well and save money? Friots is the only place to go! With more than 50 years of expertise, we take the time to comprehend the chemistry of your water system at its core and provide dependable, affordable solutions.