Arsenic Removal

Because arsenic in household well water is usually dissolved from natural rock in the aquifer, water treatment is the only way to eliminate it. Arsenic in well water occurs in two different forms, “arsenic-III” and “arsenic-V.” Arsenic-III is more difficult to remove than arsenic-V. Friots has decades of experience in Arsenic removal and we are happy to discuss the solutions that we know will work.

Why You Need an Arsenic Removal Service

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element that has been implicated in certain health conditions. Most towns in our area require whole-house arsenic abatement in cases where the total arsenic count measures more than 10 parts per billion (0.01 mg/l). Friot’s has a long history and deep experience with the significant nuance and varied challenges of cost-effective arsenic abatement. We help customers analyze water testing results to determine the most cost-effective solution to remove arsenic from water and meet recommended standards.

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